Still living life large in Okieland!

It's been more than a year since my last post, and it was a crazy year but a good one.

A quick summary.....

  • Crazy work year with 320 awesome events
  • I lost a body part - non essential!
  • I found a new level of peace through my Faith
  • We gained and lost another sweet kitty in just one month (the same one)
  • I discovered I thrive on planning the really big events, it's my new love at work
  • We took a trip
  • I grew much closer to a number of female friends that add to the quality of my life daily
  • I lost my last grandparent
  • I celebrated my 8th anniversary in the USA
  • We discovered Homeland and got hooked?
  • I finally succumbed to coveralls!
  • I discovered a passion for target shooting, own 3 guns and a handgun license!
  • I finally got our 28yr old fridge replaced, a definite high point!
So I think I may be back with my regular observations on life in the big ol' U.S. of A.


Blue-eyed Sukie RIP

The Hubster & I are heartbroken tonight after we had to let our eldest and sweetest tempered kitty go to a better place early this morning.
She started having seizures at 4am and was left blind and distressed. After a few very sad hours, we decided we owed it to her not to let her suffer after all the love she has given us for 10 years. The night Gary was in hospital last November, she slept on my pillow with her paw on my shoulder for hours comforting me, something she'd never done until that night, she was very special.

We will miss our blue-eyed Sukie, she was with us through almost our whole relationship and we loved her so much. We are a sad family tonight, including the other 3 kitties, after losing one of our own, trying to adjust to not having her and her funny little ways around anymore.


Unrednecking day!

My redneck porch as of 01/28/13
After a straight 7 days and a few evenings at work, I am finally home for the day and January was supposed to be our quiet month at work haha.
One of the main reasons I decided to stay home is because I will not enter February with Christmas decorations still on my front porch, and so today is the day I 'unredneck' myself! It helps that we are going to get close to 80 degrees here today, but that also makes it all the more embarrassing that I still have my porch bedecked in Christmas.
Unfortunately I think the christmas lights all around the house may make it into February as I need the Hubster to get those down with me. But come snow, wind or rain, they are also coming down this Saturday.
Mind you, now I am a fully fledged gun owner, spent my weekend running a gun show and can't wait to go target shooting tomorrow evening, all hope may already be lost for me!
Anybody else showing their redneck tendencies?


The 'Royal' Equivalent?

I have been enjoying the Inauguration ceremony as a proud American for the first time today, and truly I do feel proud.

I may not always agree with The Presidents politics and ideas. But this is one of those days when America rolls out their own equivalent of true pomp and circumstance and gets as close to a royal event as I think they can. The stunning setup at The Capitol and the huge throngs of people as far as the eye can see down The Mall, really are impressive.

I had one negative thought throughout the whole event - she did a great job, but I think Beyonce just got her payback for all her support and sycophancy over the past 6 years!

All it needed was a fly past, alot less celebrities, a family balcony wave and a lot more fancy hats, and I think I'd have felt quite at home!