2016 = so long FB, hello again Blogging!

I do believe I am back for good this time!

Thanks in part to one of my long term followers who commented on a 2 year old post this week, and wished for my return. So thank you Winifred, I believe you have inspired me to return, especially since I quit Facebook about 3 weeks ago and now have so much more free time to be productive.

So it's been over two years since my last post and so much has happened, but yes I am still 'Brit Gal in the USA' and still very happy in Okieland with the Hubster, 3 cats and a our new addition a crazy Chocolate Lab named Blossom!

So here's a quick recap of the major events and changes in the past two years, to catch you up......but just headlines and I will follow-up with the back story to many of them over the next few weeks.
  • I turned 50 this June
  • We celebrated our 10th wedding Anniversary last December
  • I am now in charge at the Conference Center after two promotions
  • We adopted a Chocolate Labrador after rescuing her from imminent death
  • My dad and stepmom came to visit in 2015
  • We visited the Grand Canyon
  • We built a pergola
  • I had weight loss surgery on May 3, 2016
  • We fell in love with New Mexico (Santa Fe / Taos)
  • We re-modeled a bathroom
  • We finished a wood floor for the first time
  • I volunteered as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for foster children
  • I have successfully coordinated 22 weddings since my last post!
  • I left Facebook in July for good
  • I had a British boss for 18 months, in the same location
  • I have been a brunette, redhead and am now back to blonde, probably permanently due to the 70% grey hair
  • I have gone from a size 18/20 to currently a size 12 and still shrinking rapidly
  • I sold two entire wardrobes of clothes and am currently stocking my new one
  • I have read 48 books
  • I am learning to love my body for the first time in my life
  • I am learning to cook and eat in a much healthier way 
  • I am addicted to Pinterest
  • We 'cut the cable' this year and now watch TV with just a ROKU
  • I learned to target shoot and discovered a new passion
  • We saw Willie Nelson in concert
  • I refinished an antique blanket box as a TV stand
  • I developed a passion for NBA Basketball and the OKC Thunder
  • I have both an amazement and horror for the US system of electing a President
  • I still learn daily the differences between Brits and Americans in the workplace
  • After 11 years 'across the pond' this is truly home and I know I will never return to live in England
I will expand on most of these in the coming weeks....

As I decided to return to blogging today I tracked down some of my old blogging pals and was so happy to see most of them still active out there. So expect me to be around and commenting again on many of these great blogs... JillJoeGaelynSherriGigiYogiExpat MumKayStarDarylLady Fi  and Linda.


Still living life large in Okieland!

It's been more than a year since my last post, and it was a crazy year but a good one.

A quick summary.....
  • Crazy work year with 320 awesome events
  • I lost a body part - non essential!
  • I found a new level of peace through my Faith
  • We gained and lost another sweet kitty in just one month (the same one)
  • I discovered I thrive on planning the really big events, it's my new love at work
  • We took a trip
  • I grew much closer to a number of female friends that add to the quality of my life daily
  • I lost my last grandparent
  • I celebrated my 8th anniversary in the USA
  • We discovered Homeland and got hooked?
  • I finally succumbed to coveralls!
  • I discovered a passion for target shooting, own 3 guns and a handgun license!
  • I finally got our 28yr old fridge replaced, a definite high point!
So I think I may be back with my regular observations on life in the big ol' U.S. of A.