A mystery solved!

FINALLY today I have sussed out why I have always adored 'The Sound of Music'. I love the movie and the music, I can pretty much sing every song perfectly and it always makes me emotional!

It's all my mothers fault totally!

You see the movie came out in 1965, won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1966 and it therefore seems pretty obvious I was soaking it all up from the womb before arriving on the scene in June 1966!

They always say if you want your child to grow up loving a certain type of music, play it to them in the womb! I have never asked but I'd like to bet my Mum could sing a few of those songs too...LOL

So it's no longer my fault I adore the cheesiest musical of all time okay......thanks Mum!


Gary said...

And I am learning to love/hate this musical as well..........aren't I honey????

Lynne said...

Sarah - I tagged you for a meme. Check my blog!

Lynne said...

Sarah - I tagged you for a meme. Check my blog!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ah, one of my most favorites of all time! Not in the womb for me, but I think I remember watching it with my oldest sister when I was little. I love that movie, know every word to every song, and oh my, my version is horribly out of tune! But I do love it :)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite movie of ALL time! Just ask Brad! It used to come on television every single year while I was growing up and I don't think I missed a year. I know own the Golden Anniversary Edition DVD!!