Normal at last!

Some of you may argue this point.....but I refer to my thyroid levels not my persona!

After almost 11 months of trying to normalise my thyroid levels following my diagnosis with Graves Disease, my Dr confirmed yesterday 2/3 of the tests are finally normal :-) The best part is they are the important 2 tests, one just scraped in on the bottom rung but it's a great moment and explains why I have been feeling so much better. The other test has now stayed in normal range for 5 weeks and this has given me confidence that the medication is better than the drastic radiation/surgery alternatives.

It seems my healthier diet and many vitamin supplements, are all combining with the med's to make me stronger every month. It also helps having a Dr who believes in the conservative approach and has a personal interest in my disease, I struck lucky the day he took me on.

So the med's are reduced again and this time I will go 6 weeks until the next blood work and hope the levels continue to stabilise.

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