Red Alert....

Red was the definitely the 'in' colour at the Oscars last night (although the red carpet was more pink than red!), with most dresses fitted through the body and then flaring out towards the bottom. There were very few disasters and most of the stars looked elegant and had made great choices.

It also proved that red is a stunning colour for most women, you just need to find your shade of red. My favourite dress of the night was a tie between Helen Mirren & Katherine Hiegel

but Anne Hathaway & Heidi Klum also both looked stunning in red and complimented their look with beautiful hair and make-up.

Others I loved were Keri Russell in this beautifully fitted shimmering dress, with stunning hair and jewelry.

Renee Zellweger's dress was gorgeous but she spoilt it with very messy hair, a look many other actresses seemed to have gone in for, including Cameron Diaz. At one point I was beginning to wonder whether we were now facing the horrors of a Hollywood Hairdressers Strike! Ladies take note....hugely expensive couture dresses require groomed hair to look finished!

And on the subject of hair.....what has John Travolta done to his, he looks like Count Dracula on a very bad day! Sadly the mirrors were obviously failing in the Travolta household, as wife Kelly Preston's dress was not good, creased and the colour was horrible.

And finally here's another who forgot to fit in a hair appointment, he still makes fairly good eye candy though!


Mary said...

John Travolta's hair looked either painted on or remember the snap on Lego hair??? Is he working on a movie and this is his character's hair? I thought Kelly Preston's dress was pretty but not the color - reminds me of squash! I agree that Helen Mirren and Katherine Hiegel took top honors! When Helen walked on the stage to present I said "Wow!"

Sarah said...

Snap on LEGO hair...LOL....that's what it was!! Yes I loved the way Helen had solved the eternal problem for many older women - her arms...she looked stunning

Tammy said...

That pirate Kentucky boy is all right in my book no matter what he look like *smile*

Ouch on that "orange" dress...or maybe Yikes would be better!