Snippets from school....# 2

Well it was Kindergarten all day today and they were all really good for us, 26 of them in total!

The only funny was actually mine whilst giving them their writing test. I got to the letter 'Z' and said 'Z', 'zzzzz', Zebra......a room of blank faces and a few 'huh's'! I tried again, same response and then my Aide reminded me we pronouce our 'Z' differently to them...LOL

So there I was saying 'ZED', zzzzz, Zebra (as in Deborah) and they know it as 'ZEE', zzzzz, Zeeebra! Even when the Aide said it for me I still repeated it wrong, resulting in a classroom of giggling 6 yr olds. Anyway they cut me some slack as they know I am different!

After lunch they started dropping like flies...the first one puked on the Merry-Go-Round in recess (luckily I wasn't there, as apparently it was not pretty!), the next one puked an hour later after rest-time. And in the time it took me to walk to the office and return, a third one had puked on the floor....LOL! So I am now off to bathe in Clorox & hope for the best ;-)

High School Math teacher tomorrow, so less fun but hopefully also less puking!


Vickie said...

Yes, I remember in class to get my driver's license at RAF Lakenheath, "Don't park in the zebrah crossing, it's a fine for every tire in the zebrah crossing." "And that's everything from A to Zed." Okie dokie!

I do hope you stay away from the ick. Blech! I can only handle my youngun's kewp, no one else's. I'd be a poor teacher or nurse........
"Sorry, sport, you're on your own. Here's your bucket and mop."

Sarah said...

I gather by 'tire' you actually mean 'tyre' ;-)

Luckily we have a lovely lady called Lourdes we can call for puke emergencies...although I did clean up the nap-mat today!

Vickie said...

Yes, so very very sorry....(channeling 'my boyfriend' John Cleese in Fish Called Wanda)
tire = tyre

Thank goodness for the lady Lourdes!