A week of highs & lows!

Well it's been an interesting week - full of highs and 'literal' lows!

Last Monday I was trying to get my little kitty inside and managed to trip, falling flat on my face on our concrete patio. Not good, very painful and possibly very costly longterm - I hit my front crowned tooth as I fell and there is some question as to whether I split the root and will need a $4,000 implant. In the meantime it's antibiotics and alot of praying I didn't, because I'd rather have some new windows this year than a new tooth! I also managed to badly bruise my knee and crack a bone in my toe.....I always was clumsy!

My thoughts were also back home in the UK alot with my family. Both my gran & my aunt have been seriously ill & hospitalised during the past month. My gran is now home and doing well, but my aunt after 3 surgeries faces more to come and is still very sick. At times like this it is very hard being so far from those you care about and not being able to help.

Then as the week progressed things improved. Firstly I emailed friends about starting a local book club and received enough replies to go ahead. I already belong to a couple of online book groups and would love to participate in a face to face club, I hope to get it going at the start of March.

The second high of the week was both myself and my WW buddy, Michelle, hitting a big Weightwatchers target. It has taken us a few months and we have both been frustrated at times, but finally we made it together. We have shipped each other rewards as an extra incentive to keep going all the way.....we have faith by the end of this year our husbands will be married to supermodels, without a costly divorce....LOL!

I have managed to read 2 books this week, both in the Mitford series, which I am still loving after 6 books in a month!

But then of course life has to bring you back down to earth and so I caught a head cold. So today I have stayed in my PJ's all day long and sneezed my way through Sunday as hubby nurses me.

Hopefully this week will just be your average kind of week and a bit more peaceful!


Sherri said...

Hi Sarah! It's Sherri from WW! Thanks for the heads up on those great treats!! I'll have to check them out. Love your Blog-good job!

Mary Beth said...

Sarah, nice job on the blog! I'll bookmark it and check in often.