Appointment for torture today!

Yep I am off to the dentist at 1pm, the first of a few scheduled appointments and something I don't think many of us enjoy.

It doesn't help me that the first job I had in life was as a Dental Surgery Assistant and so I understand all the terminology when I am lying there prone! I have been bad since I got here and avoided the dentist, apart from 2 emergency extractions, due to the scary costs.

But after falling flat on my face last month I had to go in and she found other work, so I was cornered and had to arrange to get it all done. So I now have a crown, 3 fillings and a clean ahead, plus a very large bill!

Even my dentist commented that the USA has not been a good experience for my teeth thus far! After all I have lost on average 1 per year since I got here and the jury is still out on the tooth I banged when I fell.

So I have been listening to my own 'see the dentist regularly preaching' and will bite the bullet and get my mouth in order......never something you can call fun though!


Vickie said...

Oh sweetie!! I feel for ya! I had my very first root canal yesterday. It was supposed to be a combo of the root canal and two crowns, but I was exhausted after just the work on the first. I go back on 31 March.
I will email you on the info for Colorado Springs. I am so excited for you!!

Lynne said...

I hate going to the dentist. We have a really good one, but I still don't like to go. I did have a root canal about 2 years ago that was so easy and didn't hurt at all. That is, until I saw the bill!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ugh, hope it all went well :)