Back to school

I might be less prolific the next 2 days as I am back subbing.

Today it’s 4th Grade and tomorrow 3rd Grade, both classes I have done before and enjoy. I will be back to report with any resulting funny moments.

Spring Break is just around the corner :-)


Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Sarah, I must say I am addicted to your blog! I am reading everyone one of your entries as they come up. I have you listed in my google reader and am alerted when you post!!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Thank you Katrina!

Well today is proving a struggle, purely because I didn't sleep well and it's so darned warm in here I might nod off!

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh lord...how will you even survive 3rd and 4th graders!!!

So you're in OK huh? My first move from the UK was to KS. I went to college in Newton, KS 45 mins from Wichita!! Talk about a small world.

Hey how much is gas in OK right now?