Essentials I always ask visiting Brit's to bring #2

Galaxy Chocolate is something I definitely do not need, but still always ask visitors to bring from home!

On my first visit to meet the Hubster and his family, I bought some with me for his adult children. We were all due to go out to eat, but middle child (age 22 at the time) managed to consume the complete large bar as pictured before we even left…LOL! Oh yes it is that popular with my step kids and always requested when ‘Mamma Grande’, as they reverently call my Mum, is expected over here.

I got all excited last year when ‘Dove’ chocolate was launched here, as the packaging looks so like Galaxy – but alas Galaxy it is not! But I bet I wasn’t the only Brit’ here thinking “Blimey O’Riley it’s Galaxy!”, what a letdown that was.

It doesn’t mail well from home, even in a padded mailer, the last 2 times we tried it arrived with an off putting white coating all over it, from melting and then hardening again. So I either have to buy it in Amarillo (just 3 weeks now to A-Day) or wait for UK visitors to descend on us. I have some due here in October and hope to have reached my Weightwatchers goal by then, so I can indulge!

If you have never had Galaxy Chocolate you can have no idea of it’s delectable, rich, creamy, velvety, smooth, cocoanessy (now there’s a Brit’ word for you huh!) as it hits the ‘c-spot’ all us girls have.

Maybe after Amarillo I’ll have a competition to win a bar. I think it’ll mail okay within US borders, although it might not make it past your Postmistress!


Anonymous said...

I missed this post somehow and today received a wonderful package of chocolates from the UK - Liverpool area in fact! I told Brad (my husband) and he said you need to tell Sarah! Here is what my new British friend (she's actually Canadian and married a Brit and has lived there for 25 years) sent me (she runs a news agent shop).

Twix (we have these here as you know)
Mars (we also have these)
Dairy Milk
Ruffle Raspberry
Mars Planets
Peppermint Creme bar

Can't wait to dig in!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Oh Karla yummy and you have some Galaxy in there! Minstrels are made with Galaxy chocolate and one of my faves.

Another of my faves is the Peppermint Creme Bar if it's made by Fry's...ENJOY!

I can tell there's some great eating in your house, what with these and those cookies on your blog..LOL Once I am at WW goal I will be dropping round!

Kris said...

Hey, we should totally work out an exchange... I'll send you Galaxy chocolate... you send me Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!