I love your shoes!

This is what I heard all day long today!

I literally could have auctioned these Jessica Simpson 'ballet flat' cuties, straight off my feet to the highest bidder at school today. So I thought okay maybe it's just a teen thing, but no the older lady serving in the Quick Stop literally shouted across the store "oh my gawd cute shoes, where d'ya get 'em from?" Luckily there was nobody else in there at the time...lol!

Now this makes me feel kind of justified in my style choices, as hubby was not at all sure the first time he saw these. But then I ask you ladies, do men 'really get' our shoes? This was their first day 'out of the closet' in our rural area and they were mighty popular let me tell you.

Judging by some of the questions and comments I get in schools, the kids here think British people are just "too cool" and "so stylish"......so you know I try not to disappoint them and live up to this reputation I have purely by default ;-)

Now I have to go and search my (80+ pairs) shoe closet again and come up with another pair to keep my reputation intact tomorrow. Oh yes..........

"My name is Sarah and yes I DO have a shoe addiction"

I'm certainly no Sienna Miller, but I am doing my bit out here in the Wild West to keep the Brit' individual style and uber-cool reputation alive and well!


Sherri said...

Sarah, I love your shoes too! My daughter, Jenny would love them too!


Vickie said...

Yep, cutie-patootie shoes!! My DH 'gets me' and my shoes. Bless him, he likes taking me to DSW and letting me go. And he helps choose! He knows I run to colors and comfy. He also picked out my neatest surfer dudette shoes (which would be even cooler were I an actual surfer dudette), Vans with little pink flamingoes all over.....LOVE THEM!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Vickie...LOL about the surfer dudette comment! I hear ya!

Rapunzel said...

Adorable shoes! I rarely wear flats but I would jump on those little cuties!