Keeping up my end in Okieland!

I am proud to announce I have now eaten that great British tradition, a cucumber sandwich for 4 days in a row.

Why - I hear ya' wondering?

Well I unearthed an English Cucumber in Wally World and I love them.

For my tastes it has to be made on white bread (light version of course), with a buttery spread (light of course!), a sprinkling of salt over the thinly sliced cucumber and no cream cheese for me.

For the connossieurs out there:

No I don't peel the cucumber or remove the crusts off the bread, I like the equivalent of a 'common' cucumber sandwich I guess!

So in case you have ever wondered if this is just a British myth, no we really do eat them and like them.

Deeeeelicious :-)


dabrah said...

I like mine inside wholemeal bread, but yes, you're right, they are delicious. Sooooo refreshing.

Linda said...

The "perfect" cucumber sandwich! Yummy! I could go for one right now!

pamokc said...

the trick is the thin slices of cucumber! yummy yummy

BritGal' Sarah said...

I still have another days supply to go :-)