Ouch and a warning to you bloggers/writers!

I had to leave school today at 1:15pm after developing a SEVERE headache painkillers couldn't touch, feeling queasy and a bit 'off' in my head!

After checking my BP and ensuring it wasn't a thyroid issue, I called my chiropractor as it all seemed to be coming from the base of my skull and neck.

I got there late afternoon and turns out I had managed to do something extremely rare! I had put something beginning with 'C' out where my skull connects with my neck, resulting in my skull being tilted back. Plus I had all 3 neck vertebrae out just to add to my troubles. As a result all my muscles had gone into lockdown mode too, hence the headache and queasiness. He said it's just about the most painful thing you can do to your neck - YEP I HAD NOTICED!

So he crunched me back into place, giving me almost immediate relief but even after further painkillers it's still sore, although alot better. I have another appointment tomorrow night and I think I might be needing it.

Now I got to thinking about how I did this and I am pretty certain it was as a result of working on my laptop. I have a good chair, desk, height thing going on, but even now I can feel I have a tendency to tilt my head back as I type!

So this is a warning to all you other prolific bloggers and writers out there, be aware of how you're holding your neck, c'os what I did was bloody painful!

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Mary said...

Sarah, I hope by tomorrow you're feeling 100%. My neck became sore while reading your post!