A seriously scary Granny!

Channel 5 news last night ran a piece on mailbox theft in OKC. Without doubt the highlight was the interview with a little old lady called Helen Catlin.

She looked like anyone's Grandma until the reporter asked her what she would do if she caught anyone stealing her mail. Her answer was somewhat unexpected for a Brit'!

"I'd hurt them, in fact I'd cripple them and if need be I'd kill them, they come on my property and I'm gonna hurt them bad or kill them" - that was the gist of it....anyway the words hurt, cripple and kill were all in there for sure. She was all FIRED UP and this was said with ALOT of Granny gusto!

Now I can guarantee you might see the occasional rankled Granny on British TV and she might be pretty wound up about an issue. But I can also guarantee you'd never hear her say she'd hurt the protagonist, cripple or kill them with such fervour; mean it, have the ability to do so and be within the law....LOL!

Helen had me in fits of laughter but I took her threats pretty seriously, after all you have gun-toting Granny's with a 'make my day' law to back them up here.

Maybe this is what the retired and often picked upon older population of the UK needs - access to guns and a law to uphold their rights to defend their property!

I can't believe I am beginning to sound like a gun advocate....I am definitely morphing into an Okie!


Michelle said...

Hey Sarah..it's Mich! I don't see that my comment showed up because I wasn't signed in at first...but if it posts that one and then this one too..it will be mostly all the same stuff so sorry! LOL! Anyway, I only just said in the other post that I was so glad you made this link to your blog on FBI as I didn't know you had this...and I really miss talking to ya! Gonna take some time over the next few days and get ALL caught up on your life! Plus, I've been wanting to make a blog of my own, so perhaps you will motivate me! :) Talk to you soon and sending you biggest hugs my friend! :) Mich

pamokc said...

hey sarah, we saw that segment on the news! our daughter lives near to the granny. i believe granny could take them on, too!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Eeeeck! I sure hope this granny wasn't one of my aunts or cousins. I'll have to make a few phone calls to make sure none of them are armed these days. lol

Lynne said...

That's too funny!

Tammy said...

I would have loved to see that interview!
She sounds like a little spitfire! *wink*

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hi Michelle {waving} ;-)

Pam - I wondered if you saw it too.