Something I never thought I'd say....

I am so very proud of Simon Cowell right now! So proud he made me blub over my baked potato, much to the Hubsters amusement.

He was on Oprah, who featured a 3 year old girl with Cancer and the very aggressive daily chemo' and radiation treatments she is taking. Her parents have to take her either 100 miles or 4 hours from home for these treatments. The mothers insurance through work meets the medical bills, but one of them has to be with her constantly. So they had lost one income totally and still had a mortgage, bills and huge gas bills to pay.

Simon stepped up to the plate and wrote a personal check to pay-off their $162,000 mortgage and also commented he is now her Guardian Angel, so if they need anything he will help them.

I am sure some cynics will think 'oh that's nothing to him' which is true, but you know what, he didn't have to do it. Apart from appearing like he has a bigger heart than he lets on, we could see no other advantage for him in making this gesture.

Way to go Simon.


Mary said...

So right, Sarah. I don't think he's a bad person. He's brutally honest in his criticism on DWTS, but I usually agree with him! It's a wonderful thing he's doing for this family.

Mary said...

Ok, I KNOW he's not a judge on DWTS, LOL. AI.
Not sure what I was thinking.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Mary worry not, I knew what you mean't! LOL

Brown English Muffin said...

I was very very impressed to especially as the family seemed so normal...no hype just plane old good people.

But I thought it was 152,000? But who cares a guardian angel for life is beautiful now i just hope they can save the little girl.