WOW what a race!

WOW is the only word to describe the first race of the Formula 1 season! Out of the 22 cars that started the race only 7 finished it!

There were numerous crashes, including some spectacular car disintegrations, some huge mistakes made in the pit lane, the safety car was out 4 times and the usual front running teams were all over the place!

If removing the traction control, electronic braking and launch systems results in races like this all season, F1 may double it's worldwide audience to 4 billion in 2008 (yep it's 2 billion right now and we can't all be wrong people!).

If you have never watched F1 but like motorsport, catch the replay of the race on Speed at 1:30pm et and you may well be a new fan.

So as not to ruin it for anyone, I will refrain from posting the results until later in the day :-)


Lynne said...

Is this the racing where Michael Andretti and his son Marco race? If so, Dom loves to watch these races. He's got a thing for the Andretti's - likes to watch all of them - except cousin John (Nascar) who seems to have an accident-magnet on his car.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Lynne - no that's Indy which is the little brother to F1. Mario Andretti was an F1 racer, Michael gave it a try and failed. The Indy racers are just used to an oval race track, the F1 drivers have courses that are all shapes and that makes it alot tougher.