Bloody Wonderful (that's Brit' sarcasm!)

Immigration Update:

Well first the good news, we received an appointment to get my Biometrics done today in OKC on May 16. That was really fast, they only received my application at the Texas Service Centre 10 working days ago!

Now the REALLY bad news :-(

Our case was transferred to the Vermont Service Centre on April 14 and we are now under their jurisdiction. The VSC is currently processing 'Removal of Conditions' applications dated March 1 2007 - NOTE 2007!!

So right now they are 14 months behind and we are in for a long wait, don't even get me started on how much money wonderful service like this costs us!

I am probably going to have to make what's known as an INFOPASS appt (face to face with an Immigration Officer) for the day we are at OKC, in order to grovel and get an extension stamp in my passport ready for when my green card expires in July. Being 3 hours from OKC does not make it easy for us just to pop back!

One extremely PEED OFF Brit' Gal :-(


Expatmum said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of trying to be here legally! I would love to tell you it gets easier and easier but it doesn't. In fact, when I applied for citizenship in 2002, that was possibly the worst part as my Immigration "Officer" was a complete pig.

BritGal' Sarah said...


pamokc said...

i have someone for you to call. will e-mail you tomorrow.

Vickie said...

Sarah: Why did your file get transferred to Vermont? Sorry this is taking such a hewgah-ly long time.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Sarah, I hope all goes well when you see the officer. Stupid laws.~~Dee