F1 weekend

Well after what seemed like an endless 3 week break, the Formula 1 circus has reached Europe with the Spanish GP in Barcelona. Max 'the sick pervert' Moseley is still FIA Chairman which is a joke, but we're happy it's back.

Like most McLaren fans we hate Fernando Alonso with a passion and so today something very rare happened in our home. We were cheering loudly for Kimi and his Ferrari to take pole off Alonso - happy to say he succeeded. Just had to post this piccie of the 'Kimster', as it just says all you need to know about his personality....or lack thereof!

McLaren seem to be dragging this weekend and are down in 5th/6th, but if Lewis doesn't have the red 'Alonso's in front of me' mist descend, they can do well from there.

Early start for us in the morning....6:30am!

Gooooo McLaren - Lewis and Heikki :-)

Post Race Update: It was a good race, lots of attrition, a huge crash for Heikki but he's fine thankfully, the Ferrari's scored a double, Alonso's car blew-up (heehee) and Lewis grabbed a great 3rd spot :-)


pamokc said...

:)re Alonso. I fell asleep on the sofa during the replay of the DVR of the race but woke up in time to hear he was out of the race. That put Hamilton in 3rd and all was right with the world. **the Kimster** actually had a smile for about 2 seconds there -- after the race but before the podium -- and I am going to have go re-read all the gories on Max because I need to refresh my memory! :) hehehe

Glad your kitties are good and letting me know that a declaw doesn't necessarily keep them inside the fence. What to do with the Adventure Cats, what to do...

BritGal' Sarah said...

Actually we think 'the Kimster' is lightening up a bit this year, probably having got the pressure off his back of the 'expectation' of the World Championship.

He and Massa were having quite a laugh about something during the interviews! Lewis has put himslef right back in contention :-)