Handbag of the day....Joy!

This was the handbag I carried on the most ‘JOYful’ day of my life thus far, my wedding day to the Hubster in 2005.

Before the wedding I was unsure whether I really needed a bag, but then where is a girl supposed to keep her lippy, a mirror and a Kleenex for her biggest day?! So I searched high and low for a teensy tiny special bag that would go with my dress and be inconspicuous.

Surprisingly after a long search I found Joy just up the road, on the sale racks of one of the leading high street retailers in the UK, Next. So not only was she a bargain but she was also a perfect match for my dress, which was a rich buttery ivory with gold thread and crystals embroidered on the bodice.

Joy is a rigid bag design, with a cream satin interior, a silver fastener and frame. The outside is a rich cream with a gold and silver thread embroidered pattern all over. When I was cleaning out my bags, I opened her only to find the lipstick, mirror and emergency Kleenex still there, just as they were on our joy filled wedding day.

Just glancing up occasionally and seeing Joy shimmering on my shelf, will always make me smile to myself.

**Whilst I have weddings on my mind, I'd just like to congratulate my cousin Chris back in Blighty for finally popping the question to the lovely Emma and making my Aunt's year (she can buy a hat finally)! They are a cute couple and I know they will be very happy together :-)


pamokc said...

this one is gorgeous! love it and the story. makes me want to go shopping in england, too.

and on the AI question -- of course I never vote! that might skew the results too much! hahaha! and besides, a proper critic must remain impartial. even bigger hahahahaha

A Novelist said...

What a precious little bag! I love it! :)

Teresa said...

I saw this handbag tucked right in front of your original photo of the handbags and was very curious about her. What a perfect name for such a gorgeous purse. I just knew her story was going to be special.

Did you post a wedding photo and I misssed it? Your dress sounds beautiful.

Quite classy for a sister, Anne Shirley!

Vickie said...

Perfect name for a perfect purse for a perfect day!