An invention I obviously missed!?

Can anyone recall hearing they have finally invented everlasting helium!? Because I know I missed that particular scientific breakthrough and it's the only explanation I have for this.....

Purchased February 12 and still floating at FULL height on April 18!!

I remember when they used to last a week if you were lucky, and now I even have a friend who also still has one fully inflated? Even my cat Cal-Jo is totally mystified and slightly in awe!

It's just a shame our anniversary is late in December or I could have given it again, but then ya never know judging by the total lack of deflation thus far! ;-)

Anyone else out there got an everlasting helium balloon?


Expatmum said...

I gave up allowing helium balloons in the house when they set off the motion detector and the police came round at 3 in the morning.
I personally think your cat must be filling it up!

pamokc said...

i had one that was inflated for a couple of months. the foil balloons do last much longer -- i reckon less pourous and sealed along the edges much better? this one is a record though and i love the kitty with it! :)

Expatmum said...

Forgot to mention an award at my place.

Douglas said...

These foil balloons are a scourge on households with kids.

Weeks after birthday parties I sill have these drifting in the corner of the house. Ultimately I screw up the courage to jab them with a steak knife and pack them away in the trash.

Sometimes I make the children watch.

BritGal' Sarah said...


It's that much harder to stab a big red heart with 'I Love You' blazed across it...lol