Talk about hypocrisy!

(Rant On)

We have a neighbour who keeps dogs in her yard, she has a couple in a pen in her backyard and the past week she has started tying up another in the frontyard on it's own. I am guessing this is because this dog does not get on with the others.

It's a mystery to us neighbours as to why she even has dogs. Her children never seem to spend anytime playing with them, we have never seen any of them walking a dog in 2 years and she doesn't ever let them out of the pen to run around. We have heard she 'thinks' she is rescueing them, well if this is rescueing god only knows what they had to put up with before!?

In addition to this she keeps no control over these dogs at all. She is out at work all day and the house is empty, so the dogs just bark on and off all day long. When she and the kids are home the dogs bark even more for attention, which they never get. Their incessant barking then sets off all the other dogs in the area and now our once peaceful neighbourhood is no more. If we even cross our backyard or step out of the front door, one of her dogs starts barking!

Well finally the neighbours have had enough and today a group of us have complained to our city office. They have a letter written citing her for keeping too many dogs, disturbing the peace and neglect of the dogs and this evening she will get a visit from a town cop.

The poor dog in the front is tied up where the sun really beats down in the afternoon. I just went over there to check on it and she has food but NO water - and it's in the 80's here already! So I took it some water and filled a bowl I found elsewhere in her yard with it, at least it will have a drink now in all this heat.

Now I am really mad and likely to have words with her myself if I see her, nothing makes me mad faster than cruelty to animals and water is an even more basic need than food! By doing this I am afraid she has guaranteed I for one will go to court and make a statement if the city needs me too.

(Rant Off)


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Good for you and your neighbors! I hope she is made to do something!

Speaking of dogs...they sure went crazy with the barking in my neighborhood the day before the earthquake. Now all is quiet though, thankfully. I could not have stood another day of that noise!!

Chellie said...

Good for you!! I am an animal advocate so you are doing the right thing! Let us know what happens!