We're in the system...

Well the USCIS (United States Customs & Immigration Service) has officially received our missive and cashed our monstrously huge cheque(check) and now we are in the lap of the gods.

I would love all my readers to put their collective minds to work on our behalf and just occasionally chant this mantra to yourselves:

"USCIS please transfer Brit' Gal Sarah & her Hubster to the California Service Centre pretty please"

Why? Because applications to Remove Conditions from a Green Card that are transferred there take on average 5 months to succeed. The dreaded alternative is the Vermont Service Centre, currently averaging 12 months minimum - unbelievable I know!

So I am 'California Dreaming' of 'Californication'!


Teresa said...

I am unfamiliar with all of the immigration process, but I will get in agreement prayer wise with you on the California thing, and for expediency.

I have an acquaintance here in town that recently married a man from Leeds, England. She had considered moving there instead of the way they ended up doing it. They got him and immigration lawyer and now after about a year, everything is done and finalized. But, how does that work if she had opted to immigrate to, England. Do you know how they do that in, England, or what is required to immigrate to, England?

Sherri said...

Sarah, good vibes headed your way! I hope everything goes to California and that it all goes quickly and smoothly for you! I have a friend in NJ who married a girl from London last year and they are still waiting. Unfortunately he has 3 little boys waiting for their new Mom and she can only come over for a few weeks at a time. They lost their real Mom and want Hannah to come live with them so badly, I feel so sorry for all of them. So good luck to you!!

Almost American said...

I will be crossing my fingers for you and hoping your papers end up in California. My story of my encounter with the Vermont INS service center is on my blog.

pamokc said...

yep, fingers crossed for you! can't wait for the next installment in what will no doubt be more of the saga.