I know this doesn't mean much to most of my readers, but it means an awful lot to me, so I am posting it anyway :-)

Manchester United won their 17th Championship (soccer), 10th under Sir Alec Ferguson (Coach) and my boy Ryan Giggs (he's holding the cup) scores the crucial goal. You just don't get much better than that....but it will in 2 weeks when they beat Chelsea for the Champions League (European Cup) in Moscow.

Glory, Glory Man Utd :-)


pamokc said...

we watched the end of that game, it was very exciting! and was thinking that you would be very happy indeed :)

Janet Brett said...

Away the lads. :-)

Michelle said...

Oh boy, it means a lot in OUR house...OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, Craig was so happy! (and I was too, and Corey is nearly as big of fan as Craig now....he actually knows more stats than Craig does, and Craig knows a LOT!) LOL! Man U all over our house...Corey's duvet cover, towel, jerseys, scarves..LOL and the list goes on. Glory, Glory Man Utd, Indeed. Way to go, lads!!!! :) M.