Dan in Real Life

This movie is quite a departure from the usual Steve Carell movie and not what we were anticipating, but it was a good and we both enjoyed it alot.

Steve plays a widowed Dad of three girls touchingly and realistically, showing a depth of acting ability we didn't realise he had. Juliette Binoche was very believable as the woman he falls for almost at first sight and the supporting cast was full of stellar actors. It really feels like an 'ensemble' type movie, as the large cast are in most of the scenes and the story is centred around family relationships.

This is a charming movie, slightly quirky with alot of heart and not your usual Steve vehicle at all, although we still laughed out loud alot. The humour is just not as obvious or coarse as you would expect from him, but a winner just the same and one that will probably be a pleasant surprise.


Mary said...

This just arrived from Netflix yesterday! Along with 27 Dresses. Won't have time to watch until Sunday, though.

Kris said...

I Loved this movie... saw it twice in the theatre!

Brandon and Julie said...

I heart this movie so much.