Handbag of the day....Aegean!

Meet Aegean, named after the beautiful blues found in the Aegean sea between Greece and Turkey, an area where I have spent many enjoyable holidays.

The waters there are made up of rich and often crystal clear hues of blues and aqua, stunningly beautiful and this little handbag is a lovely reminder. It is also very much an evening bag, being diminutive in size, delicate and very soft, with the whole design based around a filler covered in satin and then sequins. The sequins are only on the front and the back is just a pale blue satin. The strap is a thin piece of matching blue woven silk chord and it is lined with the same satin, fastening with a magnetic button.

I have used this bag many times in the evening on vacation, as it's just big enough to hold everything you need for an evening out and not too big to get in the way. I purchased her many years ago from Accessorize, a fave' store of mine already featured a few times so far :-)

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Rhea said...

What a perfect name for this handbag! I LOVE all the blues and greens. Beautiful, beautiful!! PERFECT NAME!! LOVE IT!!