Handbag of the day....Bella!

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours and I wear it alot and have alot of jewelry made from it. So being the co-ordination Queen that I am, a turquoise bag became an essential shortly after I arrived here.

I bought Bella from a local Brighton stockist and love both her style and size. She's pretty compact with a long strap, back zippered compartment, cellphone pocket, card storage slots and zipped change purse on the front. She is made of leather, with the cool looking alligator effect as an accent and a pretty floral print interior lining.

Bella is just a handy little bag for trips out where I don't need to carry much and want to make a stylish and co-ordinated statement.

Be warned if you click on the Brighton link above, temptation is gonna be a problem, I have already found out firsthand! I was a good girl and resisited though, the Hubster will be sooo proud ;-)


nikinpos said...

That is a beauty of a bag. I Want one Now!!

Almost American said...

I am not a handbag person. I have two handbags and usually only use one of them. I am somewhat stunned by your large collection. I would forever be leaving vital things in the wrong bag if I had as many as you do.

Having said that, I visited the Brighton site, and almost immediately saw several bags I liked enough to make me want to see if there are any stores nearby where I can buy their products. I was rather hoping they were a Southern phenomenon though so I wouldn't have to actually follow up and buy one. But no, the nearest stockist is only one mile from my house. I have to hope they have a small and uninteresting selection!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Let me share my secret to not forgetting essentials.

I have a smallish makeup bag with my handbag absolute essentials stored in it. Like a nail file, breath sweets, floss, lip balm, a neutral lipstick, zit stick, kleenex, sweetener, tweezers, contact lens case etc.

I just transfer it from bag to bag and if it's a smaller one I just pick out a few things.