Handbag of the day....Madonna!

So I know you're wondering why such an unglamourous bag is named for Madonna? Well two reasons actually and both entirely reasonable.

First of all I purchased her about the time Madge was going through a bit of a leather and bondage stage in her career. Well my Madonna definitely has a touch of bondage with the strapping and studs.

Secondly I suspect most girls have a bag in their wardrobe that they used alot in their nightclub days. You know the one that is small enough to get your wallet, some make-up and a hidden small bottle of licquor/alcohol in. She has no real monetary value, so if you should happen to lose her, forget her (after a few too many), or she gets kicked off the dance-floor as you jig around her, you won't lose any sleep over her loss.

Well Madonna is my 'clubbing' bag and let me tell you, she has been along on some pretty interesting nights in my life! She's the one who has been flung in with a pile of others in the midst of a group of women, boogying and singing for all their worth to 'Like a Virgin'!

I guess I am holding onto Madonna for sentimental reasons and lots of happy fun memories. Because apart from the odd Square Dance or Line Dance here, she ain't likely to see much more 'real' clubbing!


Rhea said...

I love your explanations for your Madonna bag. hehe Makes sense!

willow said...

Witty, very witty! :)

Anonymous said...

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