Handbag of the day....Roma!

Roma was purchased on my first visit to Rome and is a much loved and well travelled, high quality handbag.

She was made by the Italian designer Bruno Rossi from very soft pale chestnut leather and I bought her and another bag from the same store. As is usual with Italian leather, her quality really stands out from my many other bags.

Roma is very large, she has a really big central zipped compartment and then on either side is a large pocket that fastens with a concealed magnetic fastener. Extending out of both these pockets are short handles, in addition to the detachable shoulder strap that extends from the middle compartment. I love this feature of being able to carry her by hand, or sling her over my shoulder. There's also a large magnetic flap that goes across the top of Roma to keep her especially secure. Inside is a matching fabric interior with a large zipped pocket, phone and pen holders.

Roma's only drawback is she has so much space I tend to overfill her and I once weighed her when full, only to find she was 14lbs! So I am now more conscious of not letting her get too heavy for my shoulders' sake and her longevity. She is one of two bags I tend to reach for when I am flying or travelling, as you can get everything you need in her easily. So she has seen many places around the world and also accompanied me to work frequently.

After taking this picture I noticed she looks a bit worn, so I'm going to get the leather polish out and give her some well deserved TLC!


A Novelist said...

I absolutely love that handbag! It looks so rich and it's a nice, versatile color. :)

pamokc said...

if roma ever needs a new home, send her my way. this is my favorite so far and definitely something i would carry every day. that **british tan** color is DIVINE. I covet this bag.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Uh-oh am I going to have lock the handbags away when you visit! LOL