Handbag of the day....Summer

Summer is the handbag I am using more than any other right now, as she is a very pretty, practical and seasonal. I saw her in a Cracker Barrel store on sale out of season last year and snapped her up.

She is made of a fine very flexible woven straw, with a natural fabric lining and zip closure. The straw is dyed different pastel shades and then the colours are graduated around the bag and mixed with the undyed straw. There is also the additional adornment on the front of the striped flower and strands. Summer is one of my most flexible bags, as she will literally go with pretty much anything I choose to wear. She is also large enough to be used for work and I can fit everything I need in her easily.

So should you bump into me anywhere at the moment, Summer is the bag you might well see over my arm :-)

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Vickie said...

She's a cutie! You are luring me into the idea of purse shopping now. Start carrying more than my 'mom bag'.