Handbag of the day....Tina!

Tina is named in honour of the wonderful and inspiring Tina Turner. I am lucky enough to have seen Tina in concert 3 times at her peak in the late 80-90's during her Private Dancer album success. She is one awesome lady and this bag was with me at one of the concerts!

My Tina shares some of her traits and also packs quite a punch on eye-contact. I got her from a wonderful store in the UK called Accessorize, probably 12 yrs ago at least. She is the size of a large clutch but with short satin handles, inside she is black satin with one zippered pocket and a magnetic clasp.

But it's on the outside that she lives up to her name, with rows of tiny pale gold and black sequins stitched on in a wild animal print style. She is utterly glamourous, catches the eye at every turn and stands out from the crowd with her wild magnetism! Like the real Tina she is also aging with style, beauty and grace.

Tina and I could have parted company on more than a few occasions when others have lusted after her. But I have hung on tight and view her as a classic amongst my many handbags.

I'll be back with another fave handbag on Monday.


Vintage Tea said...

Lovely bag and I just love Accessorize!!

Victoria x

Sandi McBride said...

Oh now that is my kind of handbag...where do you find them all...what shoes would you recommend with that? Strappy little silver heels? Or wrap around the ankle patent leather???

BritGal' Sarah said...

Victoria - I really miss Accessorize and have found nothing with such an eclectic mix to offer here, go checkout their website to see their latest offerings.

Sandi - see above as to where I find them all, plus I have always just preferred to have 'unsafe' handbags and tend to go for the unusual. I do though have a few great everyday bags but even those often have something that makes them different from the crowd.

This is definitely a bag for either black or gold shoes and accessories I think. Patent leather also looks fab too :-)

willow said...

I get the biggest kick out of your named handbags! So do you have a separated closet just for all these little friends of yours? ;)

BritGal' Sarah said...

Willow - no but I do have a wide shelf that runs the length of our closet (approx' 8ft) and 4 hanging hooks on the end wall for the smaller ones :-)