Lewis Wins Monaco!

Lewis won the greatest race in Formula One today with a brilliant drive in Monaco. It was action packed race from start to finish, with rain having a big affect on strategy, lots of shunts and poor old Adrian Sutil in an awesome 4th being taken out by the Kimster!

But Lewis reigned supreme, his Dad said this is the race he has always wanted to win the most and his joyful reaction said it all. The first English driver to win it since 1969 and he now needs leads the World Championship again....goooo Lewis!


pamokc said...

OMG, what a race. All sorts of drama here leading up to watching the end also! i was doing the reading at church, so that meant taping the race to watch later. well of course it ran LONG and the DVR ran out with about ten laps to go! So had to wait until the next showing to catch the end. Yay for Lewis, his excitement was infectious afterward. this is one of john's favorite days - F1 in the a.m., Indy 500, and then big Nascar race. Hope you guys have a happy Memorial Day and will catch up soon!

BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL at the delayed result, they'd have been some very 'blue' air in our house when that DVR went off early!

We recorded the Indy 500 for later viewing as we tripped off to Texas to see 'Indie' this afternoon. Now we are yet again under a tornado watch and it's unbelievably windy and scary looking! I have my emergency bags packed ;-)

pamokc said...

it has been a wild week weather-wise for sure! i always keep my good sneakers handy because i have a fear of walking on glass in the event a window is blown out. there, that's pam's tornado advice in a nutshell. hahahaha so are you going to post a movie critique??? this is one i am wanting to see.