Naming Baby?

We're expecting a new arrival on Sunday! And although this isn't her, it's very close to what she looks like, even down to the eye colour and pink nose. I am soooo happy and soooo excited at having a new pretty grey/white baby kitty :-)

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and there really isn't anything I need. So when I visited a friend with kittens today, I found my perfect gift from the Hubster, not that he was at all sure at first mention. But he soon came around, as he's as big a softie as I am where kitties are concerned!

Tomorrow I am off to get just a few kitten essentials to make her right at home, as initially she will have her own room for a week, in order that we have a peaceful transition. We already have Sukie and Cal-Jo (Callie), so we are now about to become the minority in our own home and have a new little one for us all to adore. Well after a short period of adjustment on the part of the girls I'm sure!

So we have been trying to think of names, but ones that have a different first letter and syllable sound to the other 2, as it makes it easier for the cats to then recognise their own name. Here are a few I found online tonight that I kinda like:

Daisy Mae, Fia, Gia, Ziya, Gigi, Lola, Mai Tai, Pasha, Mimi, Punkin, Purrsia, Rhea (Rayur), Loubyloo, Shiloh, Roxy, Toyah, Willow, Xena

What d'ya think guys and girls, please give us your ideas too?


Michelle said...

Sarah I like the names Lola and Shiloh.

Janet said...


(I've ALWAYS wanted to name a female Westie Lulu.)


anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Shiloh will now always remind me of Brangelina. I like Lola and Lulu.

willow said...

Of course, I love Willow! Teehee! We had a lot of cats when the kids were growing up. It's so comforting to have a kitty curled up, sleeping on the chair.

Thanks for signing my guest book...fun to have your cute face there! :)

pamokc said...

how about "Graysie" (Gracie) since she is a gray kitty? sometimes you have to live with them a few days before they sort of name themselves! i'm jealous! i already miss my kittens being itsy.

Lola always reminds me of the song by the Kinks. Did you pick the names from a list of celebrity babies???

BritGal' Sarah said...

Janet - one of the first names I said to the Hubster was Lulu but he was like "whaaat"! LOL

Graysie now that's clever Pam, I got the names from a list of the most popular cat names! It's added to by owners, so just about every name is on there!

Keep 'em coming

Janet said...

I agree with Pam, you need to live with a cat for a while and get to know its personality before you can name them.

But if I had to pick a name from the list, I'd go for Daisy, without the Mae.

Expatmum said...

I would have picked Toyah (she might even have a lisp, who knows) but love the suggestion of Graysie!

Daryl said...

We have a Rosie and a Gus .. he was 9 when we adopted her 6 yrs ago.. she loved him immediately but its taken him a lot longer to come to tolerate her...

Naming is not easy .. Gus had several names before we decided he really was a Gus.

Good luck!


Stevyn Colgan said...


Musings said...

I rather like Purrsia. That's adorable. Congratulations on the new member of the household.

Uh.... dogfood? :-)

BritGal' Sarah said...

Well we really like Pam's idea of Graysie...however we both think it sounds too similar to Callie unfortunately.

Hmmmm Dogfood! LOL

I am leaning towards Purrsia right now, but we will just give it a couple of days probably and then decide...I guess if she is a big purrer then that'll settle it!

Rhea said...

You've opened a can of worms getting readers to comment on names. lol

I really like Ziya and then Toyah and Rhea, of course. hehe

My grandmother named her cat Honey Bun, and I loved hearing her going around the house calling out, "Honey Bun! Where are you Honey Bun?" Adorable cat name.

Congrats on the new kitten! She's absolutely adorable, and I want one! My hubby is allergic to cats, or I would have many. :o(

pamokc said...

Okay, I vote for Purrsia then. :) Clever, clever! I had seen the name Graysie on photo site i belong to -- a lady had a solid gray cat with that name and i always thought it was cute!

but you know about the naming of cats, right? there's the name you give them, then the name you call them, then the name they give themselves that no one knows, so they can ignore you totally!

(I think that is the way it goes anyway) ... T.S. Elliot's Book of Practical Cats was favorite bedtime reading when Babygirl was, well, a babygirl.

Mmm said...

OK, this is dumb perhaps, but the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this picture was, "Pokey."!!

BritGal' Sarah said...

I think we are goin g to live with her for a few days and see what we think. When we got 'Callie' that was her name and we still call her that alot, but within a few days we renamed her Cal-Jo as it just suited her better! So Pam I agree with you and others, we'll wait and see what hits us :-)

We collect her tomorrow and now I am off to prepare her new room

Sherri said...

Sarah, enjoy your new addition to your family!! When you get her home you'll just know what to call her! Have fun!!