OKC - Pam, Karla, Brad, Dee, Chellie, Kathy?

Well the weather is tornadic in central and eastern OK tonight, with tornado warnings and alot of circulation and lowerings with potential funnels. I know that PAM, BRAD & KARLA are all pretty close or in the area of the warning, not sure about CHELLIE and KATHY. Now it's all heading towards DEE in the Guthrie area as well. A tornado had just touched down north-east of Stillwater, but there is very strong rotation in OKC now and 4 supercells - it all seems to kicking off.

Just want to let you know I am thinking about you all - please stay safe and stay low.

TERESA - are you ready for tornado warnings, I may have to send you for training with Pam or Karla, they're OKC tornado experts!


Anonymous said...

The bad thing is - we've gotten so accustomed to the sirens and the "fright show" on the local tv channels, that we barely react anymore unless we know for sure it's right here. It's not so bad during the day - it's the ones at night I hate.

Rhea said...

I hope they aren't coming to north Texas...we aren't too far from you.

The wind around here is CRAZY. We moved to north Texas from Austin (which is more central Texas) and the wind up here is SO much stronger than in Austin.

Love the shiny j-lo handbag. Very nice and glowing. Love it!

That little boy with the seahorse eggs is just adorable. I love little kids' creativity.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I'm checking in. The sirens came on while we were at Mitch Park with Bear for softball. Then, we all pulled out our phones and saw where the storm was. It seems to have passed us all by.

Thanks for thinking of me. Aren't you glad you're out west today?

willow said...

That's scary, take cover and be safe!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Good to know Dee, off to add you to technorati, speak tomorrow :-)

Teresa said...

Tonight, my daughter called to tell me that the program my grandaughter was in was cut short due to hail the size of golf balls, and tornado warnings. Ugh! I may need a little brush up on tornado response.

I am trusting everyone out there is staying safe and protected.

pamokc said...

hmmm, well let me tell you we dodged it just only by a little bit! we must have been on the very western edge of it the moment the storm popped up. the storm chasers were within about a mile or two of our house saying they were on the bottom edge of the storm. we were like, "What? Huh? It's still sunny out!" So looking out the window to the southeast, you could see the big black cloud forming.

it didn't seem to be as bad as the last time the storm chasers were at 134th & Penn, that time the whole intersection had been taken out (the famous may 3 tornado) ... but i think this storm eventually dissipated but may have caused some damage around tinker field.

the touch down was a different storm up in osage county. which is where i think the pioneer woman lives, not that i know her at all, just read her website.

but i did master the art of hitting the mute button on the remote control before the ear-splitting and annoying beeping from the national weather service broke in. and missed survivor for some **real** reality tv. i know i'm babbling. i'll stop now. ha

BritGal' Sarah said...

I thought it was pretty close to you Pam, glad you're ok :-)

Brad said...

Storms? What storms?

Just kidding.

We dodge the worst of any of the storms. We did get some hail about 12:30 this morning, but no damage like they had in Midwest City. It was just noisy and another sleep-deprived night of weather radio alarms and loud storms!

By the way, I was thinking about you all yesterday with all that wind and your recent post about the wind "sweeping down the plains." That's always "fun," but you ought to try the wind "sweeping" through the wind tunnels of downtown Oklahoma City! It was like walking through a hurricane yesterday (and the day before). I told Karla that I'll have to take the girls down there some windy day just so they can experience gale force winds!

Janet Brett said...

We had a terrible night in NE OK, too. Woken 3 times by the storm radio. Final warning at around 3am said severe thunder storm and possible tornado.

Hubby and I hid in the closet for 30 minutes. The wind was pretty scary but no tornado, thank goodness.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Janet, sorry to hear that, I never thought it would stay so strong up in your direction and I was unsure where you are then, now I know!

Glad you made it safely :-)