We're voting for the Cook!

Well after being torn between the two David's for weeks we are finally coming down on the side of David Cook for American Idol.

We just felt he did a better job overall tonight, although we didn't think the show itself was as good as last week! We also think David A has the little girl vote and would make the final even if he had really ballsed it up - which he didn't.

I also happen to love 'I don't wanna miss a thing' and he was awesome. Okay off to vote - Pam you'd better too tonight, as Syesha was good as well!


pamokc said...

It was DC's night and he looks like a star to me! and shoot me if i start sounding like paula, okay? He has maturity and poise, DavidA is still very nervous during the interviews and he should be over that! Syesha is heading for Broadway, so she is fine whether in the final or not. Glad to see you coming around to our way of thinkin'!!!!

Sorry to be late posting, but had to watch Hell's Kitchen too. I think Gordon is close to stroke level this season, even I want to see him calm down a bit!

Kris said...

I love both David's, but I've got to go with little David A... he's from my home town, Salt Lake City!!