12 things I love about my life

So I made it to 42 and it's been an odd 24 hours.

I just seem to have been on edge, a bit depressed and felt like I could tip over the edge emotionally if I was pushed too far. Hitting 42 seems to be hitting me much harder than 40 did and yet I can't tell you why that is!

So it has been good for me to have to think of the 12 things I love or I am really pleased I have experienced in my life so far.

So in no particular order here they:

  1. I am really glad I got to travel a fair bit and explore other cultures and countries. I know this has made me much more rounded, accepting of different beliefs/cultures and openminded as a person.
  2. I am thankful I have achieved all the success I ever wanted in my work life before I moved here. It was very stressful at times, but it has enabled me to handle pretty much any situation life throws at me confidently and come out the other side intact.
  3. I am grateful I was sent a wake-up call with Graves Disease. It has made me listen to my body, look after myself better and not let stress overtake me anymore.
  4. My family, in a strange way we are closer now than we were when I was on the doorstep. I miss them all, but now we take the time to really talk when we speak and I feel like we understand each other better.
  5. My pets! I am a firm believer in having a pet makes you a happier person. They don't demand anything (apart from food) and love you unconditionally, they are also the best stress reliever I know.
  6. The fact that I know myself so well in my forties. I know my strengths, weaknesses and have accepted myself for who I am. If someone doesn't like me, well that's fair enough, but I am no longer gonna lose any sleep over them.
  7. I no longer worry about following fashion, I know the styles and colours that suit me and I stick to them come what may.
  8. Our home. The hubster and I have worked really hard to make ourselves the home we both always wanted and we are almost there. And since about 2 weeks ago it's now really ours and not the banks, that's a great feeling! :-)
  9. My new country. I love the USA and cannot wait to take citizenship, I already feel pride in living here. I love the positive outlook on life, friendliness, national pride and the fact people are pleased for others success - it's a very upbeat place to live.
  10. I have no regrets about my first marriage, as I have been blessed twice now in my life with a good man. Ultimately the first may not have lasted but 13 yrs wasn't a failure and without the growth I experienced in it, I probably would not be here now. I am also happy we have managed to stay good friends and continued to care about each other.
  11. I love the Hubster for making me finally accept and love my body as it is, however it is. He makes me feel beautiful inside and out everyday, and as a woman you can receive no greater gift from the man you love.
  12. Most of all I love the Hubster. And although it still seems bizarre we met in such a strange way, I truly believe this just affirms that God had a plan for both of us to ultimately end up together. I look at him everyday and think how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, caring, considerate, funny, handsome man loving me. My whole world revolves around him, he is my destiny and I am truly blessed.

Okay now I am going to give myself a kick up the metaphorical butt and have a happy 42nd birthday, after all it's just a number!


Michelle said...

Great List, Sarah. Happiest of days to you...I hope you do break out of your (very temporary for you, I'm sure) slump today and have a fantastic one. Many, MANY more to come wished for you today.... Mich

Amanda said...

Fear not, it just gets better from 40 onwards. I'm hoping the same can be said for 60 - I hit that in a couple of months.

Pawtucket, RI said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! Have a great day, and don't worry, I'm not that far behind you.

Lynne said...

Happy, happy birthday Sarah! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Your #12 intrigues me - you say you met your Hubster in a bizarre way. Maybe you'll share that story some day??

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I loved my 40s and I'm headed to 52 in September. 50s have been great so far :~) Life is good!

Vintage Tea said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Victoria xxx

pamokc said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Britgal Sarah!
Happy birthday to you!
And many more! From Channel Four!
(singing merrily to you!)

Love the list and YOUR upbeat attitude. You make a perfect Okie :) Glad your man got you here and glad we're getting to know you both! Have a fantastic day.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Happy Birthday to you, dear! I hope you get all the purses you can carry!

And, fruit machine? Do you think it's because the wheels have lemons & cherries on them?

Sandi McBride said...

You know Sarah, I think that's one of the best of the MEME's I've read in awhile...telling without telling...and 42 is bothering you? Sweet girl, I'm 60 and while mostly I feel about 30, somedays I feel about 90, lol...but when the 90 days outnumber the 30 days, I'll still be feeling pretty darned good considering the shape I'm in, lol!! Don't sweat 42, it's only a number

Janet said...

Happy Birfs, Sarah, and many more of 'em.

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday .. 42 .. you're a kid! Kick back and enjoy!


willow said...

Hey, happy birthday!!! You are still young!! I am ten years ahead of you...yes I actually lived through turning the big 5-0 a few years back. It's a piece of cake.

Enjoy your special day, dear bloggy friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah.
Wishing love and joy always populate your days and that you continue to savour the adventure.

Teresa said...

Happy, Blessed and wonderful birthday wishes to you, Sarah. What an amazing list... all of them have been so good, this won is great! You were on my mind today. My daughter is visiting from, Texas. She makes it a point to get to the Semi Annual sale at, Victoria's Secret. I picked up a few fragrance lotions and washes and I was out of there. The Victoria's Secret was in, Penn Mall. I decided to go explore where I had never been. I saw a turquoise handbag that I thought was made just for you. As I entered Sephora, (I had never been there either), I thought of how much you like the store. So, all day I have been really hoping my new blogging friend was having an exceptional beginning to a brand new year.

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Vickie said...

Happy birthday, chickie! 40 kind of hit me weird, but then I got over it. I like my 40's now. It was actually when my life got pretty nifty. Married at 41 and became a mommie to Lady K at 42.

Expatmum said...

Two things I always say
- there's nothing you can do about the day you were born, nor did you have any control over it
- it's better than the alternative!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Thank you everyone for your messages and encouraging comments about age.

I had a really nice day, was surprised with flowers twice, thanks to the Hubster calling into the radio was wished Happy Birthday everywhere I went, got sung to in the restaurant tonight and had a great evening.

Rhea said...

This was a wonderful list! Your hubby sounds great, and I'm so happy you own your house now and not the bank! That's awesome!

I was touched by your love for the US and how comfortable with yourself you are. This was just a really great post to read.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Ah, happy birthday Sarah. You make me smile every time I read your blog, and I'm glad we've even talked gardening on the phone.

Forty-five is even better.~~Dee

Anonymous said...

Hello Brit Gal,
Loved your list! Truly inspirational for us romantically-challenged expat ladies pushing 40 or more!
Keep on enjoying Okie life with the hubster!
A random web-surfing Shanghai Cat Lady

JamaGenie said...

Ah, to be 42 again... Sigh... But it does get better, and having a man who adores you is just the icing on the (birthday) cake!