Big Countdown IV

Well here's a nice problem to have - I have run out of things I either regret not doing or wish I had done differently after thinking of 30!

I guess that means I am have been happy with the way my life has turned out so far. So instead I will come up with 12 things I am really happy I have achieved or done for when I turn 42 tomorrow.

Now off to think what they are!?


Anonymous said...

Well, happy birthday for tomorrow (you spring chicken) Me? I turn 46 in September and if I don't get back on the WW bandwagon soon, that'll be my waist measurement too!

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. After recently spending 3 weeks in England and Scotland I was reminded of what a major lifestyle change you made for love and to move to Oklahoma for the hubster. You go girl! I admire your flexibility and your attitude!