Bonnie Blue progress report

Well she's full of personality, beans and very vocal, she likes to let us know what she thinks as can clearly be seen above!

She loves to have fun and spends hours playing and keeping us thoroughly entertained and occupied, 1.75lbs of endless entertainment basically!

As you can see not only is she outnumbered (Cal-Jo is out of sight under the table) but significantly outsized as well! She has no fear at all of either of them and will run right up to them and has even tried to play with Cal-Jo's tail. Most of the time she just ignores them and prances around them playing under close Hubster supervision.

Sukie pictured above is older and she is going to take longer to thaw and is more put out. But despite them both still hissing if she gets too close, Cal-Jo is definitely showing signs of non-aggressive interest. Bonnie Blue is still living in her own room and sleeping there and is now in a routine. Interestingly her introduction seems to have brought the other two much closer together!

But she still gets tired very quickly and she loves to sleep on the bed next to this big teddy bear. Her day is basically sleep for hours, eat, drink, toilet, play for an hour with occasional snacks and then she gets all sleepy again and we tuck her up!

We are 'in love' totally; she is adorable, extremely affectionate, cuddly, and she follows us everywhere we go when out of her room, prancing around like a bouncy Princess Tippy Toes! :-)

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Michelle said...

OMG, SARAH! She is too, too, too, too, CUTE! I love all the pics of her, but that bottom one beats 'em all for me...and a little lol moment I had reading this post? You were talking about Sukie and for a moment or two I was looking all over for YOU in that pic...hehehe. Funny. :) M.

Pawtucket, RI said...

Sooooo cute. I am jealous. I want a new baby too. LOL But like I said, I don't think Sammy would tolerate a new kitty.

pamokc said...

"Bouncy Princess Tippy Toes!" I love it. That little hissy face is ADORABLE. I hope Sukie comes around to the charms of this kitty!

Janet said...

She's a darling.

Whenever I get misty eyed over kittens, Mick always says, 'Remember, it'll just be an old moggie one day.' He's such a killjoy.

I hope you don't have too many problems with the older cats. I know when we first got Alvin it took Wilson about 2 months to accept him. It drove us bloody nuts. Yet Tommy seemed to get accepted into the fold pretty easily. Let's hope Bonnie is too.

willow said...

Completely adorable and obviously has taken over your hearts. :)

Rhea said...

Bouncy Princess Tippy Toes! How cute. She is way too adorable. It makes me want a kitten so bad. Hubby would kill me, he'd break out in hives...maybe he could live on Benadryl? lol

She is ADORABLE!! IS she pottying in the right place?

Debbie S said...

Simple adorable!

Janet said...

I'm a little behind on my reading...which is why I'm just posting this. She's SO CUTE!