Busy Saturday!

Our day will be starting early with the qualifying at 7am for the F1 French Grand Prix from Magny Cours, where we'll be hoping for a better weekend for Lewis Hamilton!

Then we are finally going to get around to 'mudding' our main bathroom with wall compound. The Hubster will be applying and I will follow on behind him designing, right now I have no clue what style that will take! Our bathroom has a bit of a beach/sea theme going on and I am considering placing the odd shell into the compound as it sets, as a little feature.

Finally we are off to a community Gospel sing and Hamburger feed hosted by our church in the next town. The Hubster plays lead guitar and is one of the singers in our church band, so he will be busy helping provide the entertainment.

Only 11 days and counting now until my mum arrives here, so we have a busy week ahead preparing.


pamokc said...

OMG! John was up to watch the qualifying this morning, only to have a blank screen on Channel 25! Called Cox Cable and found out that Speedvision was having difficulty! Yikes! But it came back on just at the very end of qualifying, so he knows where everyone ended up! Go Lewis! Go Lewis!

BritGal' Sarah said...

He's gonna have to have alot of go tomorrow, but then 13 is lucky for some!