Handbag of the day....Shirley!

Shirley because I can just see Dame Shirley Bassey carrying this to some 'big do'! I'm assuming y'all know who she is - most famous for singing 'Goldfinger'. She also just happened to be a great favourite of my gran and this was another handbag left to me by her.

So I have no idea of Shirley's history but I think from memory she is at least 1970's. She is beaded all over with tiny jet bugle beads in differing shapes and patterns, even the long strap is entirely made of plaited beads. Shirley has been very well looked after over the years and is still in pristine condition and I have used her a number of times for 'black tie' events.

To me she epitomises timeless elegance and will never show her age, a bit like Dame Shirley herself :-)


Vickie said...

I saw Shirley McLaine when I saw today's purse's name. Sweet Charity maybe.....

Janet said...

You obviously inherited your love of handbags from your gran.