Sad news

I was really sorry to read this story about the investigative journalist and presenter on Nightline, Martin Bashir.

After a blow to the head that needed stitches, doctors later discovered a brain tumor on his pituitary gland. Apparently it was caught early and Bashir is determined to continue with life and is forging ahead with a positive outlook.

I also hope the blow to the head will turn out to be fortuitous and any treatment will be successful. I have always admired Martin Bashir's work and his cool, calm questioning and delivery of the news. I wish him and his family well, my own family has experienced loss due to a brain tumor and it is a very hard thing to get through.

You know there seem to be more and more people with brain tumors nowadays and I know many are due to disease. But I still have my concerns about cellphones and all that heat and technology so close to our most fragile organ, it just makes you wonder.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Oh I didn't hear this about Martin Bashir!!! Fingers crossed he gets better.

willow said...

That is truly sad. I also admire Bashir. Very talented guy. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Mmm said...

Indeed it does. I would not be surprised if some day they actually do find some connection. As it is, i use mine so rarely. Hardly ever even remember to turn it on!

pamokc said...

i like him very much too and have followed him a bit from time to time. especially that michael jackson interview, that was off the wall! (pun intended, hehe)

that is interesting about the pituitary, which has been part of my reading-up-on a bit with my own issues. The pituitary is a gland the controls the TSH levels that they test in thyroid probs, as you know. My college roommate, a few years ago now, had a tumor the size of a PEACH on her pituitary and it caused all sorts of problems. It wasn't cancerous, but it certainly caused some of physical features to change remarkably.

Kay said...

I didn't know this about Martin Bashir either. I do worry about cellphones also. You never know.