Small Town High Drama!

About 10:15 pm we heard sirens and looked out of the window, only to see a huge house fire 4 blocks and across the highway from us! So as you do in a small town, we jumped in the Pickup to go gawk and get to visit with the rest of the 400 townsfolk out there! The photo will enlarge for more detail if you click on it.

No kidding, I haven't seen our little town this busy that late at night ever! Anyway it was a 2 storey house that's been vacant 30 yrs at least, so no real harm done. In fact it was an eyesore, so apart from the fact our rural volunteer Fire Dept's could do without it, it cleaned up an abandoned lot.

However as you can see from the picture, the occupied home next door was just a little too close for comfort. I am pleased to report though the 3 local Fire Dept's had it almost out by 11pm but it was a spectacular show for awhile there. We are all very glad for the 4" of rain we have had in the last week though and that the wind had dropped this evening. A month ago we might have lost the whole block, the rest of which is occupied.

So much for our early night!


pamokc said...

wow! that is one big fire. glad everyone is safe.

Brad said...

Nice photo!

Rhea said...

That is some small town excitement! I'm glad the house was vacant and no one was hurt. I wonder if kids started it...if the house was vacant.