This may be it for today folks!

I had a busy day ahead anyway and it started early with some things to be done in the next town. Then I had my hair appointment at 10:30am to get my colour touched up and a cut.

But the hair gods were not smiling on me or my poor hairdresser today! We decided to add a slightly darker colour to break up the blonde a bit. Well to cut a long story short (as I don't have time now) the red in it grabbed and I ended up with blonde and a very subtle but noticeable red/PINK tinge - not so bad if you're 22 and not 42! So she started again combing bleach onto the pink bits to get it out, well I ended up bright solid coppery blonde with no roots at all showing, ten times worse!

By this time my poor longterm hairdresser & I are both getting a little concerned. So she tests another colour with no visible red that's darker and then pulls it through the cap to fix the problem. Well it worked 90%, except I am now darker than I wanted to be and it's blonder in area's but it's at least ok to be seen out in public. We made another appointment Thursday to get it properly sorted out....but oh boy did I ever not need this today of all days - I was in there 5 hours!

Just spoke to my mum who is now packing at 10:45pm the night before her flight at noon tomorrow, because she decided to garden earlier, oh and watch the tennis!! Don't even get me started on that one and why she is therefore always so wiped out when she arrives, but still blames the journey?!?! [takes deep breath!]

So excuse me folks if I don't get the video or any other piccies up today, I will after she's here.

IN THE MEANTIME....I made myself look like a right 'numpty' today out of sheer determination to track down this gorgeous little shrub. You see it's planted right along the McDonalds drive-through line and so I had to walk past all the cars to take this picture! No doubt I got some very odd looks - so please somebody identify this shrub??

OK - off to finish tidying the house up as we leave early tomorrow!


Pawtucket, RI said...

Sorry to hear about your day, Sarah. I know how days like that can be.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ugh on the hair problems. I am glad she got it mostly right and you're not pink! :)

That shrub looks just like the lantana I have growing in my yard! They do well here, with all of our heat and humidity. It's very common here, probably there also.

Hope your mum has a safe trip!

Sherri said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry about the hair coloring episode! I hate when that happens.

Pretty sure that plant is Lantana. I have one in my garden. In Florida it grows as a weed alot of places. I put one plant in my garden last year and thought it had died off (because in NJ it does) and then all of a sudden a new plant appeared and presto I still have that beautiful lantana in my garden. If you get one be careful because they have little thorns on them and they hurt!

Rhea said...

Oy, that does sound like a bad hair day!! What a mess!!

Pretty shrub, have no idea what it is. I don't speak plant.

I have a new look and new address for my blog!! Come see!!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Sarah, it's a type of Lantana, which isn't hardy here, but grows like crazy in the summer. Look online for variegated pink and yellow lantana, and I bet you'll find the variety. Probably sell it @ Lowe's.

Sorry about the hair.~~Dee

Mary said...

Sarah, sorry about the color issues. Hope it all gets sorted out at the next appt!

I think it's Lantana.

pamokc said...

Girl, too funny and also the most time-consuming thing (hair coloring! yikes). But enjoy your day and hope mum's plane lands on time! I know you are excited and we're excited for you.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh darlin, it's a Lantana!
They are perennial and will come back over and over, drought tolerant and I have a grand total of 37 here at the Cottage! I love them! But they have an odd odor, tho the butterflies love them...come in many colors...and get larger each year they come back...hope your Mum arrived alright and you are having fun!