You know this only just sunk in!

I watched a very nice video on Youtube today made by Dabrah of Fickle Muse with her new FLIP mini videocam. (The link to it is in the comments on the makeup post)

"So what finally sunk in" I hear you asking?

Just how very different and British I sound to everyone here and why I often get a very strong reaction when I speak! You see Dabrah comes from the very same part of England that I do and so we have a similar accent and she sounds sooo posh. It was like a serious "Whoa - that's how I sound" moment!

I think now I am out at work all day, I am mixing constantly with Americans and have less time to speak to friends and family back home. So to suddenly listen to a British accent like mine, was like a light suddenly turned on in my head and now I understand why they love to hear me talk.

I'm crazy I know, but it really was very wierd after 3 years of thinking what's all the fuss about? I guess I am just becoming so integrated I don't even think I sound different anymore - well oh boy do I ever!

I'm getting a FLIP on Monday, so I'll film something next week and post it with commentary, then y'all can have a chuckle at my accent!


Mmm said...

That's funny--a sort of reverse culture shock. I don't have any recordings of when my accent was stronger but I did recently do a wedding where I read from some passage. When I read out loud that is when my accent sounds the strongest as I'm aware of my pronunciation. Trouble is it's (and was) very fruity. tThat's OK, even charming, for gals here, not for guys--well, at least not here! It comes across as poncey basically! So, I think I learned to flatten my inflection so it wasn't so flowery and I would be taken seriously... plus be understood when answering phones with my job! So, here I am with a sort of mid Atlantic accent now. I basically sound like I'm from somewhere else from wherever I am.

I'm looking forward to the clip you'll post later though. I can well imagine in a place like Oklahoma that your accent would be that more pronounced as their accents are quite strong.

I notice too that whenever i hear British accents now here it reminds me of when i would hear American Accents, especially Texans-- as it's the same language but different accent, it comes across as very loud! I don't think they have any clue just how loud their mutterings sound, even from down the hallway. It really stands out. still, unless their from the North, it's usually quite soft in pronunciated words so that helps.

Rhea said...

I do love a good English accent. Or an accent from anywhere, frankly. We're so isolated in our country and aren't surrounded by lots of different countries, say, like Europe. I love hearing people speak differently.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I love the British accent. One recent transplant I read has found people believe she's more intelligent and actually go out of their way to help her. I think that's funny.

If you figure how to upload your Flip feed, PLEASE let me know. I love mine, but have never been able to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

You know that's a huge reason why we always want to get together with you right? So we can hear your lovely accent! LOL Just kidding (sort of).