4th July - a day to celebrate?

One of the funniest things I have been asked regularly since I moved here is "So do you celebrate Independence Day in England too?". Well actually no we don't make a big deal of the day you guys decided you no longer wanted to be associated with us Imperialist, snooty Brit's!

Ok so I have my tongue firmly in cheek at this point and have often been tempted to wander out in my British flag shirt on this date, but I have refrained - so far! :-)

Here are a few of my thoughts on why we should all be grateful today that you did 'go your own way'. And also a few things you might have been enjoying now had you not gained your independence.

The Pro's - or what you have that we don't:
  • You have far more room here than we do!

  • You guys have NASA and get to send cool rockets into space

  • You are far more gungho than we are and applaud winners

  • You can enjoy Dairy Queen Moolattes

  • Brad Pitt! ;-)

  • You can wear cowboy hats in public without people assuming you're either on a 'bridal hen night' or gay!

  • You did share with us Westerns, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Rodeo's, Cowboys - oh and Elvis for good measure

  • You have cheerleaders!

  • We can all enjoy Hollywood blockbusters

  • Walt Disney and some magical childhood memories

  • Less hours of your life wasted in traffic - seriously even in the cities like NYC, it's not as bad as London

  • Doris Day! :-)

  • The best BBQ sauce choices

  • You are far more patriotic than us

  • You have some amazing scenery and natural wonders

  • Cheap gas and housing - I am serious!

  • You don't have WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends of Soccer players with no sense)

  • Mexican food

The Con's or what you're missing out on:

  • You have seriously missed out on decent sausages and bacon

  • You could all be talking with a 'cool' British accent! ;-)

  • Decent beer

  • You could all drive 10mph faster at least - legally

  • You'd have a Royal Family and all the pomp that brings

  • You could be playing the 'BIG' sports the rest of the world plays like soccer and rugby, and no doubt whipping us all!

  • You could be eating Asian Indian Curry

  • Claiming Posh Spice as one of your own! ;-)

  • The strength of the British Pound

  • Fish and Chips

  • Ant' & Dec' - although I hear they're coming soon :-)

  • Affordable German cars and appliances

  • Decent tea and make that 'hot' too!

  • We did share with you Cary Grant and The Beatles though!

Actually I think we all did pretty well out of the deal and at least we came out of all the shenigans as best buddies internationally.

Happy 4th July y'all!


Amanda said...

And of course, we all win by being able to laugh at each other's weird spelling! And by learning new words all the time.

Janet said...

Hope you enjoy "The 4th"! Seems really odd to me to be at work...


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Happy 4th!! As a Brit in NY I'm usually asked if I feel sad that it's Independence Day!! I get a day off work, why on Earth would I be sad!! Duh!! Have a good one.

Daryl said...

Oh I love curry . what sets the Asian Indian curry apart?

And thank you for Cary ... sigh ...

Have you seen the new MVP TV show on ABC? A total rip off of 'your' Football Wives ..


Rhea said...

What's ant & dec?

I'm glad our countries are buddies.

Fun pros and cons. I was looking forward to your post for today and wasn't disappointed. Thanks for your take on things!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July dear Brit friend..

laughing my head off at "You can wear cowboy hats in public without people assuming you're either on a 'bridal hen night' or gay!" I just about split my coffee on that one..

we're off to the parade and I shall wave my Stars and Stripes with the rest of the crowd, complete with my British flag t-shirt of course... ;-)


Melessa said...

I'm glad we're buddies too! And thanks for the Beatles!

BurntMaze said...

it could be a list of one....fish and chips!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Good lists there! Now, where'd you hear ant and dec were coming stateside? They are funny aren't they?

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Lovely blog. Loved the pros and cons! We have a small english flag we hang below our american one. People ask us all the time why? We love to remember where we came from and who our friends are. Thank you for reminding us how great your country is.

notevenatshirt vb said...

Loved this blog. :) And are you serious about the Mexican food? The reason I ask is because I was reading a blog the other day of an American expat living in France--she made tacos for dinner one night for her friends and family and they had no idea how to hold them! lol Do Europeans seriously not eat Mexican food regularly? I know---I'm a dork. Of all the things to be amazed by! lol

BritGal' Sarah said...

Yes I am serious about the Mexican food. I knew of 2 places in London only and a chain restaurant where I lived, apart from that 'nada'!

We think the same about you guys not eating Asian Indian though!

Mmm said...

that is one of the best posts I've read on the 4th from a Brit persepective. Very good.

"You'd have a Royal Family and all the pomp that brings"--Err...I'd have to say for me at least and my family, that is plus for America they she doesn't deal with this!

and yes, no doubt there wold be more Indians and more curry--that's always a good thing.