Bowling, Mexican, Movie

Well we had a slight change of plans today, due to the movie theatre changing their schedule! So instead of heading into Texas we ended up going into our local town and my mum got to do something she has never done before - 10 Pin Bowling!

Once we had chosen her a suitable ball and shown her the basics of the game, she was away and scored very close to me consistently - not that it's hard to keep up with me.

We had fun, although it appears the lack of talent for bowling in our family is hereditary, as neither of us got out of the 50's! I don't think we're in any danger of being headhunted for the league anytime soon.

Even the Hubster was not on his usual good form today, but it made a pleasant change not to get an ass whooping for once! This didn't stop him taking his technique very seriously though and the level of concentration involved was intense!

After three games we headed off to eat Mexican and then followed this up with 'Hancock', which we all enjoyed.

It rained AGAIN today, in fact we had a 20 degree temperature drop from morning to afternoon. Very pleasant but also very bizarre for Oklahoma in July!


Kay said...

When I was in college I used to take a group of mentally challenged adults bowling and other activities. They scored consistenly better than me. I know how you feel. Your hubster does have good form, though.

Chellie said...

Y'all have some cool looking bowling shoes. It's so cool to read stuff that your mom had never bowled before. That brings a smile to my face! :)

Rhea said...

bowling is always a fun event, whether you're good at it or not. lol Makes for lots of laughs and a fun time. Glad you guys had fun!!

willow said...

I haven't bowled in ages! I looks like the three of you are having SO much fun.

Janet said...

I'm glad your mum is enjoying her stay, she looks like she's going to do some serious damage to those 10-pins in the photo. :-)

BTW, it rained again here last night. Just as we we about to BBQ the heavens opened, not that that deterred us. Our neighbours think we're nuts, only the Brits would barby in a downpour.

Sandi McBride said...

I once got a strike...unfortunately it was in the next lane over...really...lol
Glad your Mum is having a good time...what movie were you going to see?

Sherri said...

Sarah, seems like you are having a really great time with your Mum!! Bowling looks fun!

pamokc said...

Look at that technique and more important, I'm diggin those shoes!