Cattle, Cowboys & Cops!

The big event of the day was the Longhorn Cattle Drive to celebrate the start of the 78th Woodward Elks Rodeo, which runs for the rest of this week.

This is a huge tradition in the area and these beautiful Longhorn Cattle live on a ranch a few miles out of town. We believe they are the largest remaining herd in the USA and their owner Wes Sanders (that's him in the pink above) travels all over the country with them. But their home rodeo is this one and they always play a big part in the weeks events, starting with the drive in from the ranch, down Main Street and out to the rodeo arena.

Driving cattle is an unpredictable business so we had quite a wait in the heat of the day, but it was SO WORTH IT! Both my mum and I were just in utter awe of this huge spectacle, the beauty of the animals and the whole Wild West feel of it all.

Not only were the Longhorn Cattle stunning to look at, but incredibly docile and well-behaved as they moved within touching distance.

But we also had 'real' cowboys thrown in trotting alongside the Cop cars for good measure, whip cracking skills (see below) and all. Plus alot of other outriders and some beautiful horses and cowboy attire to admire.

We also got quite a kick out of this mom on her cellphone and then texting, technology is truly everywhere, and with her own special little cowboy on his pony! Get a load of his cute little red chaps and cowboy hat.

We have tickets to the rodeo on Friday night and this will be my mum's first rodeo experience and after today she can't wait. I have loved rodeo's since the first time I visited here and got to go to one, they are just as good as you have ever imagined they would be from 'across the pond'.

Personally I think this beauty above is the 'Heidi Klum' of the Longhorn world and a real 'supermodel'! Even the Hubster was mightily impressed by this stunning specimen!

I am really delighted my mum was here to experience today and will also get to see the big show later in the week. Today was a stunning and rare photo opportunity, so if you would like to see more then pop over to my photography blog here for more pictures.

And finally here's a cute baby for you all to oooh and argh over ;-)


Kay said...

Oh Wow! These are absolutely cool! What a wonderful thing for your mom to experience. I just saw my first rodeo a few weeks ago and loved it. I know your mom will, too. A cow parade! How terrific is that!

Brad said...

Nice photos! I love longhorn cattle — they epitomize cowboys and "The Wild West"!

willow said...

Too, too FUN!!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh my, they are beautiful aren't they? I'm telling you, I'm fast coming to the point of veggieism lol...I have a little something over at my place for you, please do stop by

Vickie said...

Those Longhorns don't look as thrilled to be there as the parade goers must have been. They must be quite stoic and keeping the excitement in.
Thanks for the grin of 'the Heidi Klum of the Longhorn world' description.

Lynne said...

You're taking some really great photos. It must have been neat to see a cattle drive through the town.

Check my blog - I just gave you an award!

Jeanne said...

Wow love those longhorns. We had a Strolling of the Heifers parade here. If our cows got together with your cattle...that would be some parade. lol

Janet said...

Now THAT'S the perfect "Okie" posting! And wasn't your mum lucky to be there for this?

Thanks for posting all of the photos for all of us, Sarah!


Snippety Gibbet said...

Heidi Klum of the cattle world......snicker. You're too funny.