Completed bathroom renovation

I promised you more pictures of our finished bathroom work and so here they are. Just to recap we have pretty much redone or replaced everything except the floor, ceiling and bath! I guess the biggest task was scraping off loose paint and then mudding, texturising and painting all the walls.

This is looking out of the bathroom to the hallway; here you can really see the work we did on the walls (we were both first-timers at mudding), one of the two new ceiling lights and also the new hooks.

This is looking into the main open area, with the 'comfort' height toilet we replaced in 2006 because I was sick of sitting on such a low loo! Can anyone tell me why you have such low toilets here, after all it's not like you are any shorter than Europeans?!? This also shows the new tile decals that now go around the room.

Here is the 'piece de resistance' of our work; a new sink, countertop, faucet, vanity door handles, matching towel rail and ring, and the tile decals. The lights and large mirror were already there, although I have previously resprayed the light units.

We both loved the slightly art deco feel of this Kohler sink.

I found these amazing self-adhesive, removable 3D tile decals online. They are heat, water and humidity resistant and each pack has four individual designs. If like us you do not want to mess with replacing perfectly good but boring tiles, they are the just the job. My mum and a friend cannot believe how they look and feel just like a real tile! You can find these and many others through this online supplier, who also gives wonderful service too.

On the other side to the sink area is the bath/shower, here you can see the curtain which I already had up, the tile decoration, the new storage shelving and new curved shower curtain rail. We had seen these in motels and thought they were great at giving you more elbow room in the shower, we would highly recommend changing to one of these. I wondered if the curtain would hang further out from the bath, but it doesn't at all!

I found these individual solid brass with chrome bonded on storage trays on Amazon and loved their simple design.

A shot of the bath opened up showing everything together.This was the worst area for the peeling paint problem we had and it is just totally transformed by the wall treatment.

The finishing touch we needed was a big picture above the toilet and we found the perfect thing in Garden Ridge yesterday. It looks like a big window and the colours are exactly right, in the top left 4 squares where it shows some red, that's actually a square of silver leaf foil reflecting. But the coolest part is the walls in the picture on either side are textured and painted just like our actual walls!

We love our new bathroom and even more so because it was all our own hard work and design. Right now we feel like we are in some plush hotel everytime we go in there :-)


notevenatshirt vb said...

It looks great! :) And I've always wondered the same thing about the low toilets too--I have no answers yet. lol Being a nurse, we're always having to put "raised toilet seats" on for patients, I don't know why they just don't make them higher to begin with. My parents actually just bought a new "comfort level" vanity/sink. I never even knew they made them! lol It's really great though.

Sherri said...

Sarah, the bathroom looks wonderful!! You and your hubby deserve a round of applause!! Love the tile decals-how ingenious!! You both should be proud!!

Brad said...

Very, VERY nice! You did a great job! Now I'm envious!

Lynne said...

You did a great job. I love the square sink - very classy.

Chellie said...

I love home remodels. Thanks for sharing!

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Wow...again, I am so proud of your decorating skill and your leap into doing something you had not done before. Congrats again on it all coming together. It looks great! I am sure your mum is proud!

willow said...

Ahh! Glorious! Nothing like a fresh, new, clean bathroom. You two did a marvelous job, I must say.

Rhea said...

The bathroom looks great! You did such a nice job. I love those tiles. Really cool.

NYC Contractors said...

Your bathroom looks so cool... the colors are blended well... love your new tiles and the mudding part it looks like it was done by a professional. The big picture looks great and it really looks like a window! I love your new bathroom and your decoration ideas... cool accessories by the way :)