Dermatologist feedback

Well I passed with flying colours, no dodgy moles and I wish I had gone alot sooner as he painlessly solved three very annoying skin issues!

I have had a small but very badly placed skin tag in my right armpit since birth and it's been a pain ever since I started shaving my armpits! So this was frozen in a few seconds and will disappear in about a week. I had an ugly red bump on the front of a calf, leftover scar tissue from an ingrowing hair. He numbed it and then shaved it down level with my skin and it should be faded and flat.

But his most impressive work was saved for my left eyelid. A few years ago I developed what looked like a skin tag literally right above my eyelash line on the outer corner. It was annoying as all get out, no eye make-up would stay on it and it was very white and visible when I was without mascara. I saw a consultant in the UK and he told me it was a skin tag and if I had it removed I would lose eyelashes - so I left it.

Well today he said that's just a small cyst and I can whip it off in a second and he then proceeded to do just that and painlessly! My response when I looked in the mirror he handed me was a loud "WOW", he thought I said "OW" which gave us a laugh. It was literally like a magic trick - no blood, no more ugly cyst and a perfect looking eyelid instantly again! I think I was probably his most easily impressed patient all day.

All three procedures done and his all over checkup cost me $272 and I think it may just have been the best money I ever spent on myself.


notevenatshirt vb said...

Yay you! :)

Rhea said...

That's awesome! No dodgy moles either! Woohoo!!

I just had moles removed recently. No fun, new scars. UGH.

BTW, my body butter arrived before I left for Houston. THANK YOU!!

Teresa said...

No suspicious... dodgy moles, excellent! What a break to get such a good dermatologist that could spot correctly and remove all of the other skin issues. But mostly, what relief for you to know all is well. That is worth far more than any amount of $$$ can buy. I'd say over all that trip would have been worth it at twice the price.

Janet said...

I'm glad all went well for you.

Funnily enough, I've had a skin tag in my left armpit for as long as I can remember, as you say, a real pain when trying to shave.

Anonymous said...

that made me smile.


Mmm said...

Ugh. HAte skin tags. Good they could remove them though.

pamokc said...

hey, i just had time to read this post more in depth, that is great news about the check up and all the good things he took care of! yay for good doctors, that's all i'm sayin!

Wendy said...

I remember my first visit to a dermatologist (a really good one, that is). I had multiple skin tags across my neck and chest. After he removed them, I felt exactly as you did - "it was the best money I ever spent on myself!"

Unfortunately, my really good derm. died and since then I have yet to see his equal. However, I have an appointment next Wed., so we shall see!