Shopping Success - almost!

We had a great day of shopping and my mum got everything on her list and then some. Her favourite store now is definitely Dillards, where she always seems to have great success with clothes shopping.

I persuaded her into a much more up to date pair of jeans, slightly bootcut, rather than her preferred straight-leg style. I told her they slimmed her legs, hips and butt and she did buy them, but I don't think she was 100% convinced until she put them on again back home.

I bought two reduced t-shirt dresses in the nightwear department that had 'patio' on them, but I thought nightwear seeing as that's what the sign said. Well when I got home and put them on I thought 'wow they are really very nice for nightwear'!? When I came into the lounge wearing them both the Hubster and mum thought they were dresses and lovely. So I guess I unexpectedly actually bought two dresses I will wear for work and out!

My mum bought me my Christmas present, a lovely Dooney & Burke handbag, like I need another! But it's being wrapped up until Christmas, so you'll have to be patient to see it ;-)

Then we went to Old Navy and I got clothes for my god-daughters as birthday gifts, as my mum can deliver them for me. However I had what can only be described as a 'brain fart' on sizing! After calling my bestfriend back in the UK for the eldest's size, I changed everything from S to XS and off we happily went on our way. We stopped and ate a delicious meal at Applebee's and then headed home.

Ten minutes down the road I suddenly realised I had converted wrong and so we turned around and drove back. I got into Old Navy changed everything back to a size S again, got to the checkout and thought, hang on that's wrong still. So I went back to the US size chart and my very weary brain somehow decided I actually needed size M. So I changed them yet again and off we went home.

60 miles down the road I suddenly started laughing slightly hysterically and said to my mum "They're still the wrong size, I converted up instead of down!" We then discussed it for 5 minutes before we both realised I had converted the wrong way, they were all too big and the correct size was indeed S all the time!!!!!! So we will be making a trip into Old Navy in OKC before she flies next Saturday to change them for the correct size :-) Mum was extremely delighted that she wasn't the one who made the mistake that required us to turn around!

Apart from this though, which I can only put down to tiredness, we had a great day and found some real bargains.


Kay said...

I loved reading about you helping your mom with jean buying. My daughter did the same thing. I wrote a post about it. She and my son thought I needed the waist band to be lower than my belly button. As I was hopping around Egypt, those Old Navy jeans nearly fell off my bottom. Some of the younger folks on the trip said with Old Navy jeans, you have to buy them a size smaller because they stretch. Sheesh!

Mary said...

Sizing issues aside, it sounds like you had a fun day. My mom has the best luck at Dillards. We'll have to see pics of the 'dresses'!

willow said...

Don't you hate having to go back and exchange...and especially since you live so faaaaaar from shopping. Sounds like it was a fun day, none the less!

Daryl said...

At least you finally figured it out .. you'd have been truly knackered if you'd sent off the wrong sized gifts.

I love the expression brain fart and use it all the time ...


pamokc said...

Not a better way to spend the day but by shopping shopping shopping! :) Old Navy does run big sometimes, but not all the time, so it is definitely confusing at that place. Hi Mum! (Pam waving)

Sandi McBride said...

And the shoe sizes in the UK...not to mention everything else...glad your mom found what she needed!