Bonnie update & OMG the heat!

After school today I went to visit Bonnie in hospital and am delighted to report a huge improvement from the sad little kitty we left there yesterday. The vet is happy for 'parents' to visit and they put me in a seperate room and just left us together for an hour of quality time.

Well she looked so much more alert and interested in everything around the room. She never stopped purring loudly for the whole hour and kept coming back for constant cuddles and petting. I may sound crazy here (although I know other pet owners will understand), but even the expression in her eyes was back to normal. She was playing with my fingers, rolling on the carpet and got to stretch her legs out of the cage. I think it did both of us a world of good to have this visit and she knows she hasn't been abandoned and I know she's going to be okay.

They will keep her all day tomorrow and maybe tomorrow night, as with pneumonia they like to be sure the lungs are totally clear, and that's fine with us.

So now the CRAZY heat. When I left the vets in Woodward my car thermometer, which is almost new, was showing 111 degrees after I'd driven for 5 minutes! When the hubster got home our patio thermometer was showing 109.4!! Even now at just after 7pm it's 105.7, totally wacky weather and thank the Lord for the person who invented air-con'.


Teresa said...

What a good fur mom you are, Sarah! I am so glad to hear Bonnie, is better. What a relief it must have been to just see her, and then to see her happy. I am glad for all of you.

Okay, you told me about the tornado's. I do not remember the warning on this heat! Ugh!!!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Teresa - it ain't never been this hot since I got here!

Rhea said...

We hit 105 here today. CRAZY.

I'm so glad Bonnie is doing better. How cool your vet encourages visiting. I have no idea if mine does or not...I hope I don't have to find out though. Bonnie purring the whole time made me smile. I'm so glad she's on the mend. :o)

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Thanks Rhea, we were both so worried about our baby girl. we will sleep better tonight :-)

Lynne said...

I'm so glad that Bonnie is doing better. I get so worried when my dogs get sick. It sounds like you have a great vet letting you come and visit.

The heat - unbelievable! I don't think we've hit 100 yet this summer. We've been close though.

Janet said...

I'm really glad to hear that Bonnie is better. I've been through that in the past, and it's just NOT fun to have a sick little girl/fellow.

As to the heat...my friend in Edmond is filling me in, as is my brother in Austin (where it's almost as bad).

BTW, now that you're in the US, you might as well get used to calling it "AC" rather than "air con". I've had to do just the reverse!



Janet said...

I'm glad little puss is doing better.

It's been horrendously hot here, too, and the humidity adds another 10 or 12 degrees to the temps. It was still 91F. at 10 o' clock last night. Roll on October, we Brits weren't designed for this heat.

Teresa said...

That made me laugh, Sarah. I am trying to picture you with a southern twang. I can't quite get that in my head. Ain't???? never???? Funny.